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2021-03-15 stadt+werk titel published in stadt+werk

Scoring with complete solutions

Among other things, Stadtwerke Zeitz wants to be one of the pioneers in the area of tenant electricity from photovoltaics and offer cost-effective complete solutions here. For this purpose, the utility uses the operating system with maintenance scheduling of the company (...)


Member of EEHH

Since February we are part of the industry network has developed the operating system for renewable energies and for the success of the energy transition. With it, plant operators, service providers and investors around PV, wind and other energy sources receive everything for the operation of their plants from a single source. In addition, with its unique model significantly reduces the initial costs for operational management and brings the plants easily, quickly and inexpensively into direct marketing. The company was founded in Berlin in 2019.


Berlin-based start-up enters into partnership with EnBW

With a new type of operating system for green energy plants, the Berlin-based start-up wants to make the operational management of these plants easier than ever before and enable the direct marketing of green power. (...)