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Become our partner and use all advantages of our products from day one - park control - monitoring - deployment planning - reports - and much more.



Use our platform for all processes around your power plants and integrate already existing solutions with our open interfaces.


Better value

Save massively on costs now with our solution - with a larger scope of services and runtime guarantee.


Direct marketing

New: Now also as a package for post-EEG plants!

By using our innovative products, you can bring your plants into direct marketing with just one click and extremely cost-effectively.

Use, our offer for direct marketing. This eliminates much of the work that would otherwise be involved: no installation of a VPN certificate is required, remote controllability is tested automatically and there are significantly fewer documents to fill out.

Or rely on your direct marketer - cloud.log and are compatible with all common direct marketers.

Park control and data logger

cloud log

cloud.log is our park control and data logger for solar plants from residential to ground-mounted and for wind farms of any size.

Our data logger is VDE-AR N 4110 certified and thanks to a wide variety of interfaces compatible with all commercially available inverters, sensors and meters.

As standard, we provide you with an LTE router with Internet access to all EU cell phone networks - so you never have to search for a suitable mobile phone provider again.

The direct marketer interface is already integrated into cloud.log at no additional cost, so you don't need any further hardware to bring your plant into direct marketing.

In addition, we are happy to create a complete telecontrol concept according to the requirements of your network operator upon request.

Monitoring & Tickets is compatible with all commercially available data loggers - via FTP push, e-mail dispatch or an official interface.

Our intelligent analysis system constantly monitors your plants and generates error messages in case of malfunctions - be it because of detected deviations or due to reported status codes. 

Take advantage of our powerful monitoring without compromising on ease of use. The fully customizable view including heatmaps allows you to visualize all data of your plants in no time.

Automatically assign technicians in the event of a malfunction and have the processing proven via the activity log.

Master data & Maintenance

The master data and maintenance modules take your operations management to a new level:

Create your own data repository via our intuitive editor. This way you have e.g. your investors, addresses, contracts and string plans in one place and never have to search for them again. 

Schedule and create maintenance and service calls for your assets with one click. Thanks to our tablet app, your technicians can perform maintenance offline in the field, attach photos and leave notes. Afterwards, automatically send an assignment report with your logo.


Our reporting system is one of the most powerful in the industry. It can access all data in

Use our versatile templates (e.g. maintenance reports, yield reports, load profiles) and customize them with your own logo. Or create completely custom reports from Microsoft™ Word™ or Microsoft™ Excel™ templates.

Automate the sending of reports to your partners or customers, so you have fewer tasks at the beginning of the month. 


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