It’s About Efficiency

Keep your energy asset management state-of-the-art is easier than you might expect: discover all your energy potential with the smart tech Logger solution and the intuitive SaaS monitoring system from ampere-cloud.

We provide our partners with the one-fit-all key technologies that make their management and direct marketing of renewable energies cost efficient, easy to apply and technologically smart.


A fully integrated cloud solution with SaaS monitoring unit and customer portal combined with self-configuring logger technology with connection to network operators and direct marketers.

Let’s Discover Our Synergies

About Us is your partner for state-of-the-art cloud solutions at a fair price.

We are convinced that efficient energy management and direct marketing of renewable energies can only succeed with the best available technologies.

We also think that these technologies must be cloud-based, easy to use and technologically smart. In addition, as a partner, you should not be under the pressure to make constant modular retrofits because the demands on your energy management can change over time.

After all, we believe your clever technology solution will not get better just because you’ve paid above average.

So take our word for it: is your one-fits-all solution at a fair price.

Why Choose Us

There are many systems on the market that allow you to monitor, control and market your renewable energy production. Undoubtedly, nothing is as efficient and easy to use as ampere-cloud: instead of multiple components, which are often difficult to match, you get ONE only that fits everything.

Our self-configuring logger technology is compatible with any of your inverter interfaces and comes with state-of-the-art transmission standards.

The smart direct marketing connection to your preferred integration partner (e.g.  Next Kraftwerke) guarantees you an efficient energy direct marketing.

Monitor and track the status of your assets and energy consumption remotely through your own white label customer portal and backend solution.

Our Partners Own Words

“In our roof top solar systems we have been relying for more than three years on the technological solutions offers. That was technologically and for reasons of efficiency by far the best decision for us.”

Steffen Kintlein, Managing Director at Kintlein & Ose GmbH & Co. KG

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